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EPIC River Project


  This is a project to redirect a Sussex river from concrete culvert and industrial land to instead flow freely through a newly created public park in Sompting Brooks.  The work is funded by a Heritage lottery grant and is supported by the Sompting Estate where it is situated.  The project is run by the Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust

The site is located south of the A27 between Broadwater and Sompting near Worthing

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  Water was flowing in by July 2020  and by May 2021 the newly created river was full of life 
 Click here for a few images of its progress


click here for installation pictures
  I was commissioned to create 3 carved sculptures and work with the local community on two workshop projects.  One went on to be completed as a constructed cement bench.    

Feature Carvings

click here for what they are about 
Click here for how they were created



Water Bench  


Click here for pictures of the Water bench at the site

What is the Water Bench about?  Click here for a printable explanation

Click here for pictures of how it was made

Click here for the story of the workshop project behind the Water Bench


Sompting Fossil Water Dragon 

 A big scale community art project, made in a very difficult time

click here to see more of the project


  Click here for some pictures of the bench in progress  

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